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February 13, 2019
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New Year, New Hopes and New Aspiration. Mobile App industry is booming every day and entrepreneurs are taking advantages of it by venturing into it. Having knowledge of how to build a mobile app is must, but that doesn’t mean, that if you don’t have the technical knowledge of building a mobile app you can’t start your business. All it requires is the right approach toward solving a problem with the help of your app that customers are facing.

Mobile Apps are now the essential part of people’s lives. According to a survey in the year 2017 mobile app sales grew 60% as compared to 2016 and this market will go high to $188 Billion. Yups, That’s the Big B.

Here we will discuss Top 11 mobile app business idea that will help you understand the opportunity market has for you.

1. e-commerce Marketplace:

Most of the startups and small business wants to sell products to the much wider audience. So the idea of building a mobile app where people can buy their products.

Also, the e-commerce Marketplace business is an asset less business as you just need to keep your mobile app running perfectly. The inventory will be maintained by the merchant itself and when the product is sold you take your commission from it.

2. Fitness App:

If you are one of those fitness freak, who even buy the grocery by calorie count then this is a great business opportunity for you. Start your fitness app to encourage and achieve health goal for users. Following are some of the things which you should put in your app.

1. Food Intake Monitoring

2. Physical activity tracker

3. Diet Plans

4. Water Intake Monitoring

5. Daily Tips For Staying Fit

Fitness Buddy or Healthify Me are good examples of such app.

3. Event Planning Mobile App:

Do you have what it takes to be an event organizer? Do you love helping people organize events? Then you can go for an app that will help people in organizing an event and will also send the invitation to other people to attend the event. An app can help increase the attendance by sharing the even over social media and by sending the invitation by email and phone numbers.

This is a great and big opportunity market for those who love event planning and in later stages, you can expand to business event planning, party planning or wedding planning. The model is easy and do not require heavy funding or investment to start.

4. On-Demand Service Provider:

An on-demand service provider app is something that has been in fashion for ages and will remain in for next 2-3 decades. There are various on-demand services like plumber, carpenter, electrician, and others. People who are new to a place always go for this kind of apps and people who stay there also go for it. By creating this kind of model you can earn commission on every service that will be booked via your app. The niche is not highly tapped by any major company so it’s the right time to hit the market.

5. Car Pooling:

One of another interesting concept that is coming up in the travel industry is carpooling. The business idea requires only an investment to build the platform and that’s it. The market is still untapped and the only known player in the industry is BlaBla car. In this app model, a user can request the ride with car owner and they can chat with him. The rider will also get the notification when the car is about the arrival and the app also should share the geolocation as well. Carpooling is becoming the next big thing as this is the best way to fight the traffic problem and it will reduce the overall cost for any user.

6. Smart Home Controller:

With all that buzz about IOT (Internet of Things) nowadays, one of the best thing that came with it is “smart homes” and this is likely to grow at a massive rate in 2018. So it would be a great idea to create an app that will connect with all of your smart home devices and control them. As for now, every smart home tech has a different app for lights a different app and for curtains a different.

So creating a single app for all these would be a big thing and if the marketed right can become the next Apple or Microsoft as well.

7. Police Scanner:

What could be better than listening to police radio and the best part you would be alerted about the criminals around your location. With the help of this app users will be able to see the wanted criminal’s board in their area and would eventually help police in identifying them as well. The app will also hold a database of criminal activities, that happened in the area and it can be uploaded by both users and cops. The app should also let the user push down the panic button to inform police about any bad thing happening around. By this Cops would be able to track down your GPS location with help of your phone.

8. Parking Assist.:

Finding the perfect parking spot in the rush hour could be the most difficult thing. Creating an app that will let you know about the nearby parking spots will be a great idea. The app will work with the help of GPS and will help the users to grab an empty parking spot quickly. Also, this app will help you easily identify your parked car space in that huge parking lot.

9. Selfie Saga:

Selfie craze is all over the world, either it’s a 70-year-old person or a 16-year-old teenager. Everyone is crazy about the selfie. The untapped concept for selfies is the selfie competition. Where users will participate in with uploading their selfies and earn points by likes and then cashing in those likes. Also to keep them engaged they should also be able to unlock new features within the app which will let them enhance their selfies.

Best part they can’t upload it from their phones, users will need to click one within the app and then move forward by using points to unlock filters and another enhancer.

10. Original Hub:

Original Hub will let users detect whether they are buying an original item or is it a fake copy being sold at the price of the original. It’ll not only help the user to buy the best product but will also let the shop owners increase profit by making users sure that they are buying the originals.

The app should also provide useful tips on styling, this will let users stick to the app for a long time as well.

11.  Listen Me:

This app could be a great hit among all music lovers. The app will look like any music player available in the market, but it’ll be much more than that. It will let the other users in your contact list, see what you are listening to and if they will like it they can go for the same. Also, they can also share the best songs as their stories something similar to Whatsapp or Instagram.

Got any mobile app development Ideas You thing would be a great fit for 2018. Let everyone know in the comments below.

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